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A Night at Smith's Olde Bar 7/27/2019

I have been lucky enough to haunt some pretty nice clubs for live Music from The world Famous Spirit Room in Haunted Jerome, Arizona, and The Main Stage Theater in Cottonwood, Arizona. Arizona is behind me now and you can see those videos and more on my Youtube Page.

I am starting a new chapter on Michael's Music Blog, The Atlanta, Georgia Chapter and this is Smith's Olde Bar. This place is fantastic. It is a wold and crazy party bar in the main section in the center and two music rooms.

Tonight I was in The Atlanta Room for ------>  


Whistler's Lane !!!!!     The Hearsay!!!!!      and       Young Driver!!!!!

The second band was The Hearsay. If all the bands were not so good I could say these guys stole the show with their beautiful harmonizing between Travis on Lead and Ashton on Bass. I really enjoyed this band who are also Ryan on Drums, Jeff on lead and Chase on Keyboards.

This bad did a great job waking the crowd up. I have been to shows where the audience was scarce because the bands did not bring a lot of fans but these three bands fulfilled their obligation to fill the room because it seemed to me there was a lot of hugging between the crowd and all the band members.


It was kind of like a big family and the atmosphere at Smith's Olde Bar made it seem like a reunion of freinds.

Young Driver was the Headliner and they did not disappoint!!! They wer LOUD, Entertaining and the music they palyed was a mixture of covers of 90's college rock and their own compositions. They are a must see if you get the chance.


Young Driver is - Khenidi on Vocals, Donovan on Base and Luke on Lead. Their regular drummer was not there but the fill in drummer was fantastic and is also multi intrumental and has filled in with them before.

The evening started off with Whistler's lane.  Whistler's Lane is Drew Smyser on Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals. He was very entertaining and kept asking for jokes, lol. He actually got a couple and they were funny!!!


Drew is backed up by Leah Maloof on Rhythm Guitar, Sloan Leavcus on Bass and a Rockin, Classically Trained Drummer who came from the world of Jazz to the world of Rock - Morgan Hanson and I dare say she was really interesting to watch because she really has style.

<----- Young Driver is Big on Audience Participation!!!