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I have just woken up!!! I have a lot of video editing to do, particularly on the sound because my camera does not do these bands justice. I swear to God I am not just saying that. All three of these bands from the opener, Hard Rockin "Ghost of You" through Country Rockin "The Ides of June" and closing with one of the best bands I have ever seen, literally putting so many others who are paid the big bucks to shame - "Slow Boat to China"  that I had to get this written before I forgot anything.


I really don't want to say much more. I forgot my notebook but was able to score video interviews with each of the bands. All these guys were so humble and so cool and easy to interview I did not expect the show that was to follow. It was stupendous. All three bands could easily be headliners at any event they went to. Saying anything about any of them would slight them because they were all that good.


This is the kind of show one would expect from a major record label concert at a venue like The Fox Theater or any other major venue but Smith's Olde Bar; a humble drinking, pool playing seeming hole in the wall bar, NEVER. However, this show blew me away and saying anything more would diminish the contributions each band made to a wonderful evening of great, All out Rock and Roll. Thank you Brittany Burdette of Nolan Reeves Music. You outdid yourself with this one!!!!!