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Damon Williams - Soul from the Soul

1. Currently without a band. I worked with a producer, Peter Deleon, to create the sound, then I brought in members of the band cover band , UB707, that I was performing with to create the feel that I wanted for the project. Kenny Wilson, father of the Grammy winner H.E.R, was the founder of the The Urban Bushmen (UB707) and lends his guitar prowless on "Better Days". Three tracks were produce by Rodney Skipworth of , Skipworth and Turner whose biggest hit went No. 1 on US Billboard Hot Dance Club chart with "Thinking About Your Love". Con Funk Shun, legendary R and B funk band, keyboardist Danny Thomas wrote music for "Rachael's Weeping for her Children".

2. I`ve been performing for about 18 years. Due to injuries from a car accident I've been on the sidelines for 3 years recovering from surgeries on back and neck. Vallejo Ca was home until I moved to Nashville, my hometown, and where I had surgery. Although I was born in Nashville, I "grew up" in California. It was my travels that gave birth to whom I am today.

3. For the project, I've always been known as Damon aka Nomad, simply my name spelled backwards. Couldn’t use aka on the sites like apple music and others, so it's simply "Damon". Nomad best describes me musically, because I have no genre to call home. I go where spirit moves me musically.

4. That's tough because it started the first time I heard Marvin Gaye. Just realized how that probably influenced my "This Aint livin". I grew up in love with words, books , combined with the emotional and spiritual effects of gospel music, the lyrics and the vocal tones that moved people to tears, shouts, dancing in the aisle that garnered my attention. The joy of giving a musical sound that took people somewhere else, made them think, gave hope, spoke their pain, my pain.

5. The poetry of my mother, M. Gaye, S. Wonder, Tracy Chapman, James Taylor, PRINCE, Terrance Trent Darby, Al Jarreau, G. Brooks , Lauryn Hill, Public Enemy. There are countless writers whose lyrics/sounds have moved me.

6. True path begin with first time I saw a tape recorder, and could mimic singers, or record melodies I heard in my mind. Just pieces at first.

"am I wrong to dream of a world where there's no danger, where children need not fear the stranger , am I wrong

am I wrong to hope for a world where there's no hunger, where we thirst for love no longer, am I wrong

or is a dream just what it is , a dream , is this world to be just as it seems. If I dream wrong, I hope its not long". the first piece I wrote. I was a young kid and the kidnapping of a child in Nashville moved me to pen that to memory. It was the same scenario that would launch my

songwriting career nearly 20 years later.

7) funny, but not funny best describes this. As a member of a vocal group, Infinity, that was house band for a club in Vallejo Ca, called

Chois. On a fri. night as security was trying to empty a packed house, an altercation occurs with a band member, who cracks a guy

over the head with a cold Budweiser. The guy has a crew so an all out brawl, chairs and fist flying. There's only one security guard so

the group ends up battling these guys out the door. As they leave we are warned that they will be returning the next night. We meet

night to discuss whether it will be safe to perform the next night. We decide that we have to go on, however we contact a few of our

own friends to add a level of protection. We arent gangsters, but had made some friends who enjoyed our shows and didn’t want

people from another area coming in threatening their own. Like dummies, we had pistol placed in locations on stage, just in case. We

stressed, as were those who attend the previous night. Im certain some came to see if we would even return next night.

the faces of our foes was unknown because brawl was wild, and someone else could be sent. During second set, a mic falls from

stand , the sound sends those of us onstage scrambling, ducking behind speakers to grab our weapons, crowd leaps for cover too.

when we look and discover it was a microphone that had fell, we come from our hiding spots, everyone is in tears laughing. We

too are laughing so hard we have to take a break. The tension was over and the night was explosive as all that tension transformed

into dance madness. Maybe one of our best shows.

8) in five years I hope to be somewhere writing peacefully, laying ground work for school of the arts, performing occasionally with my


9) Pain and love, unfortunately.

10) I wanted to change the world. Realized that the world, its nature, was changing me. Everytime I think I've got it I'm pushed to evolve

even further. "learned what I seek from someone else, I must first find within myself," from "Something U Told Me". Songs were my

messages to self. I've had to question all I thought I knew, re love, war, religion, sex, race, forgiveness of self and others. If everyone

lives with the confusion I feel, omg. Who can we blame? I had to have these experiences to become. An apple cant be an orange, so

I'm discovering, learning to love self, to just be that which I am. The music and songs are my journey to this place, unknown, unseen,

where I will find me.

11) in Vallejo Ca.

JB's Place (closed)

chris's club

One Mile house

Gentleman Jims

Chois (closed)

Solano Fair


California Maritime Academy summer concert series

City of Vallejo Juneteeth Celebration

City Wed Night concert series

Touro park (Concord Ca)

Dimitri's Lounge (Fairfield Ca)

Flamingo Resort (Santa Rosa, Ca)

Jackson Rancho Rio Casino, Hilton in Reno ( with M. Clark experience)

toured with reggae acts Sister Carol, and The Mighty Diamonds as background vocalist; featured performing reggae version of

"Human Nature" on that tour.

performed as temptation in Barron Edwards Motown review for 1 year

Choices (benicia ,ca)

Triple J's jazz cruise in 2011, I believe

These are a few of the places, impossible to recall all of them.

12) Children , children , children, which includes every living person. *See attached clippings,

13) I had material for two cds. My life went to crap as I was boarding for cruise, ended up having to fight next few years for custody of my young girls. I havent been able to do much musically because I was a single dad, disabled vet, limited funds and time. Truly just getting to point were semblance of normal is even allowed. Reduction on pain, the girls growing up and their mother overcoming addiction is now allowing me to get some of my life back. I tried to write timeless pieces in terms of lyrical content. But yes, im looking for someone work with on the materials not released as well as being inspired anew.

14) no performances scheduled moved to Nashville where no one has heard of me so I'm starting anew. Currently trying to introduce myself to local musicians, and need to generate funds to get rehearsals off the ground, fund a video at last.. I am a true starving artist.